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Optimal hoofcarefor dairy

Optimal hoofcare

Challenges in the barn

Healthy hooves are essential for the overall health, productivity, and profitability of dairy operations, keeping them in optimal condition is one of the main points of attention in dairy operations. Several infections threaten the health of cow's hooves

Digital dermatitis

Digital dermatitis, also called heel warts, is a contagious bacterial infection that primarily affects the skin and soft tissues of the cow's hooves, particularly in the area between the claws.

White Line Disease

White line disease, also known as seedy toe, is a fungal or bacterial infection that affects the white line area of the hoof. It can lead to separation of the hoof wall and lameness.

Hoof Rot

Hoof rot is another bacterial infection that affects the hooves of dairy cows. It typically occurs in wet and unsanitary environments, leading to foul-smelling, rotting hooves and lameness.

What is the MS AutoHoofClean System

and how does it work

The MS AutoHoofClean system is centrally placed at the milking area or robot to automatically clean and treat the hoofs of passing over the mat.

Our approach

to ensure optimal hoofcare

Eech HyCare biosecurity program follows the 5 building blocks for successful implementation. The HyCare coach guides farmers through setting up the program for their farm. From investigating the starting situation to selecting the right products, application tool, training programs and protocols that fit your farm. They show and teach how to actively monitor the success of the program and remain available for advice.



MS HoofClean

  • Skin care for healthy claws
  • Ensures good adhesion to the claw
  • pH-neutral
  • Contains natural extracts (propolis)
  • Optimised for the MS AutoHoofClean System
  • Environmentally friendly

Application methods

The optimal hoofcare program uses a mat and a automated pump for the application of MS HoofClean. Central placement at the exit of the milking area ensures that cows pass over the mat regularly for automated hoof care.


HyCheck App

The HyCheck app is used to keep a record of the health status of the cows hooves.

  • Monitor the improvements in hoof health over time.
  • Quickly and easily record results with photos
  • Record the cows identification number
  • Dashboard for all locations
  • Manage from anywhere


A colleague of Schippers USA or your local supplier remains available to provide assistance when required. With service at a distance, we help to troubleshoot issues and arrange the delivery of spare parts if required.

Contact our dairy manager

Martijn Schippers
Martijn Schippers is the General Manager for Schippers USA and the manager for dairy and poultry.

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