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Biosecurity programs for livestock companies

We guide professional livestock companies through the design and implementation of successful biosecurity programs.


Keep your animals healthy from weaning to finish and gain optimal performance with our HyCare biosecurity programs for swine.
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Optimize performance from the hatchery to broiler with our HyCare biosecurity programs for poultry.
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Cows live a longer and more productive life with our HyCare biosecurity programs for dairy farms.
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Our approach

We guide customers through the successful design and implementation of HyCare biosecurity programs. We work together with farmers to create and maintain effective biosecurity measures that are tailored to their operation.

Experience taught us that in order to maintain a high level of biosecurity, only delivering the best hygiene products for the job is not enough.

The best hygiene products in livestock farming

The MS Gold assortment consists of top of the line hygiene products for pig, poultry and dairy farmers. Professional livestock companies use MS Gold products for their proven effectiveness in optimizing hygiene conditions, animal health and profitability.

We drive your hygiene

HyCare works! This comprehensive and practical method empowers livestock companies to build a healthy environment for their animals with HyCare biosecurity programs. Livestock companies increase their control on daily operations and improve results with the personal approach of HyCare.

About Schippers USA

Schippers USA is based in Iowa

We specialize in hygiene and biosecurity solutions for the livestock industry, specifically pigs, poultry and dairy. We empower livestock farmers to optimize farm hygiene, eliminating the need for antibiotics while increasing animal health and profitability.We believe in a world where livestock farming drastically reduces the use of antibiotics with the HyCare method to beat Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR).

Schippers USA is a part of The Schippers Group which has its headquarters in The Netherlands. The Schippers Group is a family owned company founded by Martien Schippers in 1966. Globally it’s one of the largest suppliers for intensive livestock farming with 14 offices, activities in 40+ countries and more than 500 employees.

Our team

Carlos Zepeda - Technical Swine Specialist at Schippers USA

Martijn Schippers

General Manager
Poultry and Dairy Manager

Carlos Zepeda

Technical Biosecurity Specialist Swine

Rens Dilven

HyCare Specialist Swine

Jasper Huijben

HyCare Specialist Poultry

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