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Dry living environmentfor swine

Dry living environment

Challenges in the barn

Preparing a dry environment

A clean, disinfected, dry and comfortable environment at the start of each round is important to get good results. MS DryCare has a 200% moisture absorption and is perfect to mix into the bedding for a dry start.
The drying powder has a pleasant smell, masking the scent of young animals to reduce fighting upon arrival of a new round.
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Moisture control during the round

Controlling the wet spots with MS DryCare, with a moisture absorption of <200% it helps bring the moisture level in bedding back under control.

Pathogen control

Cover diarrhea with a layer of MS DryCare Pure to remove the moisture and reduce pathogen pressure on the animals during the round.

How moisture control

helps reduce pathogen pressure

While various strains of bacteria require specific temperatures and environmental conditions for growth and survival, a common requirement among them all is a source of nutrients and access to water or moisture. Unregulated moisture levels can create an environment conducive to the proliferation of bacteria.

Controlling moisture in the environment helps the pigs health

  1. Drier Bedding Material: Maintaining dry and clean bedding material in the housing preventing irritation and skin damage. Reducing the chances of infection through by maintaining a healthy skin.
  2. Improved Hygiene: Regularly controlling wet spots from diarrhea reduces the moisture content in the environment lowering the chances of bacteria, including those that can contribute to post and pre-weaning diarrhea, from thriving in damp conditions.
  3. Temperature regulation: When a piglet has just been born, drying powders help to remove the moisture from the skin so that the piglet loses less energy to body heat.
  4. Reduce fighting: MS DryCare has a pleasant smell, and can help mask the scent of piglets. This helps to reduce fighting in new groups.


Our approach

to ensure a dry living environment

Eech HyCare biosecurity program follows the 5 building blocks for successful implementation. The HyCare coach guides farmers through setting up the program for their farm. From investigating the starting situation to selecting the right products, application tool, training programs and protocols that fit your farm. They show and teach how to actively monitor the success of the program and remain available for advice.



Why MS DryCare

MS DryCare is a powerful moisture absorbing powder that contributes to optimum health.

  • Very high moisture absorption >200%
  • Very low dispersion (limits dust)
  • pH neutral
  • Improves animal health and comfort
  • Contributes to a clean living environment

Application methods

MS DryCare can be dosed by various means. 

  • by hand (for wet spot treatment)
  • mini spreader¬† (for application on small / medium surface areas)
  • Blower, for a even layer in the entire barn


Our team remains available to provide assistance when required. With service at a distance we help to troubleshoot issues in the barn.

Carlos Zepeda - Technical Swine Specialist at Schippers USA

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Carlos Zepeda
Carlos Zepeda is the Technical Biosecurity Specialist Swine for Schippers USA

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