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Cleaning & disinfectionfor poultry

Cleaning & Disinfection

Challenges in the barn

To create a germ-free environment farmers follow a strict protocol using effective cleaning agents and disinfectants that target specific pathogens.

Historical pollution

Neglected washing or using a low quality detergent results in a layer of static pollution (the 1% that was not cleaned properly), a build-up of multiple layers round after round is called historical pollution. The layers of pollution form a breeding ground for pathogens and can negatively impact animal health and performance.

Effective cleaning

Optimizing contact time is especially important when cleaning a livestock environment. The detergent needs time to do its job and soak into the contamination to break it down. The stickiness of the foam cleaner to the surface is important to optimize contact time.

Effective disinfection

A broad spectrum disinfectant is effective against a wide range of pathogens. However sometimes it is necessary to target specific pathogens to eliminate a disease from the barn. Check with an ATP test to monitor the effectiveness of your cleaning and disinfection program.

What type of contamination are there

and how do you effectively remove them?

Inorganic contamination such as lime, calcium or iron can be removed with Acidic cleaners. Organic contamination like Manure, Feed and Skinfat needs to be remove using Alkaline cleaners. Next you need to look at the level of contamination to select the type of treatment.

Our approach

For an effective cleaning & disinfection program

Eech HyCare biosecurity program follows the 5 building blocks for successful implementation. The HyCare coach guides farmers through setting up the program for their farm. From investigating the starting situation to selecting the right products, application tool, training programs and protocols that fit your farm. They show and teach how to actively monitor the success of the program and remain available for advice.


Service & troubleshooting

Our team remains available for support. We provide on service from a distance and assistance with troubleshooting, our goal is to get you back in operation quickly.

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Martijn Schippers is the General Manager for Schippers USA and the manager for dairy and poultry.

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