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Clean Drinking Waterfor swine

Clean drinking water

Challenges in the barn

Water is the most important nutrient to animals. Yet, many farm animals still receive unhealthy drinking water that is contaminated with iron or manganes or contains pathogens such as e.coli.
To ensure clean drinking water you need to look at 3 points:

The source of the drinking water

We check the water quality at the source.
Lower quality water can be a cause for biofilm in the pipelines.

The drinking water lines

We check the insides of the water lines for biofilm. Biofilm is the main source of pathogens from the drinking water.
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The point of consumption

Is it healthier to drink from a dirty or clean glass of water? Regularly cleaning the drinking lines is important to reducing the pathogen pressure on the flock.

What is biofilm

and how does it form.

A biofilm is formed when microorganisms start to grow on the deposition of minerals and organic remains on the water pipe wall. The bacteria produce a kind of mucus layer that grows and protects the bacteria. The biofilm is divided into 2 layers, a soft out layer and hard inner layer. Over time, the pipes become clogged with the biofilm and becomes a feeding ground for bacteria, spores and viruses (e.g. E. coli, Salmonella, Clostridium, streptococci, staphylococci, Campylobacter, etc.).

Our approach

to ensure clean drinking water

Eech HyCare biosecurity program follows the 5 building blocks for successful implementation. The HyCare coach guides farmers through setting up the program for their farm. From investigating the starting situation to selecting the right products, application tool, training programs and protocols that fit your farm. They show and teach how to actively monitor the success of the program and remain available for advice.



Why Di-O-Clean

Di-O-Clean cleans and decontaminates drinking water systems on livestock farms. Di-O-Clean effectively penetrates the protective layer of biofilm without being used up in reacting with the inert sugars in the mukus. This allows the CIO2 to act directly on the bacteria themselves, destroying the source of the biofilm. Di-O-Clean removes the biofilm and kills bacteria, spores and viruses. Di-O-Clean over a wide pH (pH2 – pH10)


Application methods

Di-O-Clean can be dosed by a chemically resistant pump or as a premix solution. 



Our team remains available to provide assistance when required. With service at a distance we help to troubleshoot issues and deliver the required spare parts.

Carlos Zepeda - Technical Swine Specialist at Schippers USA

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Carlos Zepeda
Carlos Zepeda is the Technical Biosecurity Specialist Swine for Schippers USA

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